If your hoping to grab an inexpensive and hearty, German-Austrian-Viennese meal then this is the place to go. On the “better end” of Kings Cross and in Potts Point located near the El Alamein fountain and the Fitzroy Gardens in a red brick apartment complex, this place has varied, substantially sized and delicious selection of German-Austrian-Viennese food. Try the fried camembert, cabbage rolls, jäger snitzels, thick juicy sausages with mash and abnormally enormous pork knuckles. Not only is the food good value, but the decor, with paintings and prints of that bygone era of Europe creates a warm and welcoming “hearty” atmosphere. Don’t forget the beer in long necks, yard or tall glasses! No healthy excuses here. The great thing about this place is that they cater for gluten free and lactose free options.
This is a perfect place to go for a meal before a play at the Darlinghurst Theatre as the service is fast, to simmer after a hard day at work or to relax after trekking through the various places in Sydney when on tour.

Dominic T. –


We were looking for a good honest place for a bite to eat and happened to come across Maggie’s Restaurant. I had the Bratwurst sausage with potato rosti and delicious gravy and hubby had the Pork Knuckle, we were both blown away by not only size of the portions but the genuine flavour (we’re both from European backgrounds) of both meals.

For dessert I had the crepes, and hubby had the strudel (what else!) Again, they hit these two on the head! Perfect! We’ll definitely be going back in a couple of weeks and have happily suggested Maggie’s to various friends (many of whom already know and love this place!) Don’t go past this place! Seriously, do yourself a favour and try this place, it won’t be your last visit!


What’s not to love here? The Kaiser’s benevolent gaze from the wall, the wooden chalet furniture, the kitsch charm of the bar. I’m won over by the decor even before I eat.

The menu is agony – how do you choose between schnitzels as big as your plate, with a hidden bomb of rosti beneath the crisp coated meat, and rich goulash with a side of slippery spatzle? Cabbage rolls or deep fried mushrooms? I never can, so I try to eat with a group of friends and taste their meals. Menu envy is very real at Maggie’s. There are some new ‘light’ options, and good on them for caring, but really, who comes here to lose weight!

The portions show typical Teutonic generosity, and the service is very warm and friendly. It can be slightly chaotic in a fun way on busy nights, but they make you feel welcome like family.